Saturday, February 21, 2009

bEtteR minD bEtteR finD....

How would you feel when you find millions of children in our country are deprived of education.There are children who don't even know how to write their names, they are just surviving in their own world with nothing in it except a piece of bread for whole day, a nomad life, labor-duty, a life like a "SLUMDOG" ...
India is a diverse country with various kind of people with different caste and religion. Some are Hindu, some are Muslim, Sikh, Christians and most of them are living in rural areas. So we can say that quantitative amount of children with an age group of 6-12 are living in those areas and majority of them are deprive of primary education.
Well Primary Education plays a vital role in our life, its the foundation of our future plans. You learn many small but important things here that makes you a good person , a good human being. But the schooling system in India is improper.
Indian government has taken many steps to educate children in Primary levels. According to Public Report Of Basic Education(PROBE) in 1996-97 surveyed the primary school in 200 villages in Madhya Pardesh, Bihar, U.P, Rajasthan. And now after 10 years there are plenty of positive changes occurs.
School enrollment rates are around 80-95% for the age group 6-12, Enrollment rate among Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and other background castes has also taken a speed. The gap of education level between boys and girls considerably narrowed. State government has also provided proper classrooms, toilets, mid day meals, drinking water, free textbooks, notebooks, pencils and other basic requirements. Government has really done something for children education but every good thing comes with some obstacles.
One day I was talking to my brother he told me, "there are three kind of truth, one that you know, one that i know and third one is the "REAL TRUTH" that may be one of us knows, so to get that truth you've to have a Godfather who can give you a right path to follow." Now the worst thing is that the level of teaching in primary school are not good. Government has tried some quick fixes by appointing teachers in contract bases. But the Gram Panchayat select a local resident, and hopes that they 'll be more accountable for the job then the permanent teachers. This has not happened. An inadequate training, less salary, and bad working condition affect the teaching quality.
An association called Parent Teacher Association(PTA) was established but the contribution of the parents was nominal, they are not much interested in it. They just want their children to get into the labor activities and bring some money for their livelihood. Community participation should be there because of the children with different backgrounds.
Well government has taken various step to improve the schooling system over last few years, but the quality of teaching, the less attention of the families to their children making this challenge more difficult for the government. So we "the citizen" should also contribute to improve the primary education, as these children(the Youth power) are the Industrialists, Sportstars, Scientists, Filmstars, Politicians of tomorrow, we should take care of them and its our responsibility to show them the right path for better future.
Their innocent smile!! their naive activities!! don't know what lies beneath their beautiful-mind... So try and make them a good human being then i don't think there will be a doubt that India will grow exponentially, not just in economical level but as socially too....


tsetan said...

heya you ve posted dis article twice:)

gr8 thoughts...enlightening facts..
u ve added a new visitor to ur blog:) looking 4rward 4 more gyan guruji...:)

shAily said...

Someone is trying hard to inspire people!!! :)
Good piece of writing but i wud like to add upon here... people are too hard to convince that they've got some responsibilites.... and small children in rural areas dont know wat education actually is?? Parents all the same not much aware.... and the so-called teachers just take education as mere a job.... but lage reh!!! we are reading ur thoughts.... (huh!!! Isn't the comment too big??? :P)

geet said...

Good and serious thought. Well framed. The facts were good. But sometimes i felt it a bit repetative but otherwise good. I will remember the 3 kinds of truths.

Well a very serious issue raised here. I would like to say that the people who are reading this blog that is those who use net must be knowing the magnitude of this problem and if not surely they would get an idea after reading this. What next? Yes they should do sumthing about it. But what and How? this is the point where most of us are likely stop as there is no clue.
I would request all the people reading this blog tell something you have done as the resposible citizen of this country to eradicate the problem of illitracy in small age group children.
Share your ideas and who knows maybe we could get some feasible solution to this problem.


lily said...

well..good work yaar. atleast doing something meaningful, and understanding the prob is d first step 2 solving it. so keeep posting